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Lessons from a Stolen Car
October 24, 2009, 5:07 am
Filed under: Lessons Learned, My life, Things I Don't Like

Yep. It’s a wierd thought, but it is true. Someone stole my car on Monday night :( Here’s what God has faithfully taught me in the midst of it.

1. Jesus is enough.

2. I sinfully like my autonomy, but that’s not the way God intended me to live, and autonomy is a facade.

3. The sum total of all the junk I leave in my car is of great value to me. (favorite travel mug, brand-new never-read Comforts from the Cross, Christmas gifts for my niece and nephews)

4. Don’t use your car as storage; keep your car clean and empty.

4. Jesus is enough.

5. When you need to do something, don’t procrastinate (i.e. running errands, cleaning your car, turning in your car for $1,000).

6. Sometimes it is worthwhile to procrastinate (i.e. filling up your car with gas), because you never know what tomorrow may hold (a stolen car?).

7. I have become fatalistic and negative in my thinking over the last 4 trying months. Having my car stolen not only made me aware of that, but God’s abundant grace, provision, and love in the midst of all this has made me aware of how wrong that attitude is.

8. I live with, hang out with, and work with amazing believers who are characterized by love and service.

9. I have been very focussed on me, my, mine, myself and I lately.

10. I make assumptions about tomorrow rather frequently (James 4:13-17).

11. I can laugh at something like this.

12. I would like to think that God doing what is good for me means helping me easily sell my car and get a good deal on a new one. Instead it has been problematic and now I have no car. God is good and He deals with each of us individually giving us what is best as a good father does. Praise God he doesn’t give in to my temper tantrums but instead gives me what I need and not what I want.

13. You can have all this world, just give me Jesus.


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Jenny! I can’t believe that happened! At least it helped you to refocus your mind on what you truly should be focused on!

Comment by Cherilyn

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