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How the depravity of man should change your political views?
October 8, 2009, 3:07 am
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I was SHOCKED when I found out from a prof at TMC that if everyone were honest at least a third of our student body voted for Obama. It was neat to see the Church’s response to an African American being elected. That is a really cool thing and it’s really neat to see America at the point where they are able and willing to do that, but I’m still appalled by those stats at TMC. I would be more excited if there were an African American President who stood for Christ. I understand many of the students’ liberal leanings flow from their hearts’ desires to help the poor BUT applying your theological understanding of the depravity of man to your political views means you can’t hope in Obama for change. It also means you can’t expect socialism to work.
Furthermore, if you’ve studied Scripture, you should understand that it is the Church’s responsibility, the believer’s responsibility, and not the public government’s responsibility to care for the orphan and widow in distress and that if someone is able to re-marry or work they should. Let’s be full of compassion, but let’s not respond to the lack of action from the generation before us in the church, by delegating our responsibilities as followers of Christ to the federal government.


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