Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Lord of All

I am here to recommend the TMC Chapel Band’s CD which was released last spring and is available on itunes. I know you are probably thinking I have drunk the company kool aid as so many of my posts have been about TMC. In a lot of ways I probably have. It is a great place with people who love God and love people, and when you know them and know their desire is to have God glorified, that transforms some of the policies or positions you might otherwise not like.

All that to say that Lord of All is a fantastic CD. I also think it is a fantastic gift (especially for me to give because it is personal (it was produced by my boss and it has my name in the thank yous :) ). Don’t worry I didn’t sing; your ear drums will remain in tact.

You can listen to clips of the songs or purchase a song or the entire on itunes by clicking here.

The FIRST person to comment on this post, will receive a free copy.


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I think I win, but you already gave me a free copy! Thank you!

Comment by Todd Bolen

Jenny! That’s so cool that your school made a cd. I always thought WB should have done that, chapel music is wonderful and now I don’t get that anymore! I’m going to check out the site to hear the sound clips right now!

Comment by Cherilyn

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