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Random Ideas from the AAA Guide
April 28, 2009, 4:06 am
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If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and are in need of something to do, here are a few ideas from AAA.

* A Personal Favorite* Go to the Reagan Library. Not only will you see beautiful scenery of the surrounding Simi Valley and the memorial of one of America’s finest presidents, but you can also take a tour of President Reagan’s Airforce One. If you act quicly you can also see the historic Magna Carta on display. For more information visit reaganlibrary.com. This is a limited time offer and expires on June 20.
If you don’t know the significance of the Magna Carta, you really should learn. The Story of Liberty is a good book to read for a survey of American history. It is written with bias, but lets be honest, what history isn’t. Knowing that, you might as well choose one with a good bias.
Here is a little quiz for my former Jr. High students:
1. What year was the Magna Carta signed?
2. Who was forced to sign it and on what field?

*Awkward Pick* I actually think the 2009 National Adult Spelling Bee in Long Beech could be quite gripping. I would never participate. Spelling isn’t my strong suit, but it would be fun to go people watch. It will be held at Bay Shore Church in Long Beach. If I was still a teacher I would give extra credit to any students that attended this event.

*Theatrical* The story line of The Fantasticks showing on the UCLA campus May 5-17 intrigued me. This musical, in which two neighboring fathers who want their children to fall in love build a large wall between their houses, gives some interesting insights into human nature and the natural response to rules or the law. It is hard to tell if it would be appropriate to watch. If I had more time or interest, I would probably find out more here.

*Musical* The Golden State Pop Orchestra will be playing video game soundtracks on May 16th in San Pedro. Honestly, who doesn’t love the Mario Brothers theme song? I don’t know anything about it really, but if you are interested click here.

*Scientific* The Natural History Museum in LA will be hollding a Bug Fair on May 16-17. This is for my friend Laura who appreciates bugs on display :).

Here are some other options:

*New Word Fair in Pasadena
*Valley Greek Festival in Northridge
*Santa Barbara Cinco de Mayo Festival
* Chocolate festival in Sandiego (I was surprised to see that ie was taking place at Quail Botanical Gardens.)
* Ethinic Food Fair in Sandiego

Disclaimer: I cannot personally recommend any of these events. I found them in a AAA maggazine and was intrigued by them; that is all.


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