Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

From Sultans to Slurpy Vendors
November 24, 2008, 7:51 pm
Filed under: Books, Lessons Learned from Reading, Life

I grew up in Fremont, which is extremely multi-cultural. I love the fact that our church was always very culturally diverse. My family also appreciated the abundant variety of food we could find in the town. From what I understand Fremont is the sister city of New Dehli. I have also heard it said that if I were in India instead of saying, “I live near San Francisco”, as I so often do (because no one outside of the Bay Area really knows Fremont), I would say, “I am from Fremont,” and they would know where that is.

Recently I read a book which was partially set in Afghanistan and partly set in Bay Area. It was fun to read about characters as they walk around Lake Elizabeth or drive down roads I lived and worked on. It was also very thought provoking to me since the main characters were immigrants from Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, the father was among the wealthy, respected, elite, and did a number of great, successful, and charitable business ventures; in California he worked as a gas station attendant and sold things he found at garage sales at a Sunday morning flea market.

Not that what a person does for a living gives them value or changes my opinion of them, at least I hope not, although I’m sure that I am sometimes guilty of this sin, it is just interesting to think about a few things. It is good to reflect on what they gave up to get to America to gain the advantages, freedom, and stability she offers. It was good to think about the American dream; both things I appreciate about it and things to be warry of. It was also thought provoking on how different someone can be than we expect or the judgments we can make off of what we see now without really knowing a person. I wonder how differently some of the people we meet would be treated by us if we knew more about them?


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