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Snow Day in California????
December 11, 2007, 3:34 am
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Today was wonderful we didn’t have school. Ok… so you got me it wasn’t a snow day but the power was out. The power actually went out on Sunday when we had a joint service with another church, which, by the way, went really well in-spite of the mishap (or perhaps it was because of the malfunction). PG&E kept promising that power would be restored in time but when we arrived and there still were no lights or heat we called all the students and told them we would see them tomorrow!
The best part is that with snow day they add days to the calendar knowing that they’ll need them for snow days, but we just got an entire free day.


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Lucky you for a “snow day”! We had actual snow, and no snow day… I was following another car, who ended up being a teacher at my school, who slid off the road near the school. It was so wierd! lucky I wasn’t following too close and I have 4×4 on my suv. I wasn’t slipping at all. We had 3 inches or so, but it is all melted… maybe soon, Cherilyn

Comment by Cherilyn

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