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Your Future
November 14, 2007, 1:43 am
Filed under: Student Comments

Last week, in Bible, we were studying Abraham and having faith in the unknown. The assignment was for my Jr. High students to make an acronym with “Our Future” and write words they wanted to describe their futures starting with those letters; the results follow. These are words off multiple people’s papers that caught my eye, many because they were funny, some because they are true desires of my heart. I hope you can tell the difference, especially if you know me.

Owner, on the job, only God can do the impossible, on the right job

Undercover, understanding God, uncontrollable diligence, unyielding, understand the Word of God, uncontrollable desire to learn, unprepared, unwavering, up the ladder, unfortunate, under-control

Righteous, respect, remember your responsibilities, relationships

Focussed on friends and family; fellowship with family, friend, and God

Using the Bible to solve problems, uncontrollable perseverance, unnecessary things ruin your future, unyielding desire to please God

Truthful, teach people, think before you act, trying my best, think about everything carefully

Under God’s protection, uncomfortness (Though I’m not sure the student that wrote this really understood and desires this, this is something that I want to characterize my future.), upper positions in jobs are your goal (although I think this is a creative way to us an “u” it is not necessarily what I would desire for my students)

Retired (since some of you may not know me I’ll clarify that this is not something I desire), ready to Act for God, right choices, Respect for God

Entertaining, entering the real world, Evidence of an A+ (which is very hard to get in my class :), Eccentric, enrich your life with God’s Word, education, exceeding expectations

Sure and certain with God, stick to your plans and family, start a worldwide revolution (that a girl), Sinless ( I wish. Doesn’t that sound good? I can’t wait for Heaven!)


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