Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Who do you want to be like and why?
November 14, 2007, 2:38 am
Filed under: Biblical Femininity, Christian Living, role models

In church, on Sunday, Rick Holland spoke about Biblical Femininity. One small comment he made created a desire to think and post. He asked, “Girls, what five women would you want to be like and why? -or to ask it another way- Who do you want to be like when you grow up?”

The first person I would like to highlight is a lady named Phyllis, she lives in the Middle East. She instantaneously comes to mind because of her gentle, loving, serving, and quiet spirit.

I have never seen a lady so full of hospitality, so calm amidst many interruptions, busy schedules, and surrounded by ever-increasing needs. She is full of good deeds. When Phyllis speaks Scripture pours out. Whether having 12 guests at her house each week, visitors in town, or hungry girls every night for a week, her home is always welcoming, clean, and refreshing. She serves up encouragement and wisdom with every cup of coffee and often a cookie or dessert to go with it. A weary traveller on this earth cannot only be refreshed with a stop for a cup of coffee at her house but is often almost led to tears by the Lord’s provision at just the right time when Phyllis shows up wherever they are with a cup or asking if they could use a break. More refreshing than anything is the words Phyllis serves, they revive one’s soul.

She opens her mouth and Scripture pours forth. She encourages and teaches with her words. Though I don’t think she eagerly desires to talk about herself, teach, or be seen the way college students often see her, she is faithful to answer questions and share what she is learning.

Often what she is learning is learned on her morning walk. She memorizes Scripture like it could disappear tomorrow and she would then perish from hunger. She reserves it and stores it in her heart. She meditates on it all day long.

She doesn’t feels slighted by other’s treatment of her, nor is she ever made to be a servant by others; because she always makes herself the servant. Before you can impose upon her to do something she has most likely seen the need and offered to help. Though sometimes people’s thoughtless comments or harsh words sting, she does not feel a need to revile because she knows that her Heavenly Father can defend her; she knows that He is the one who judges.

I love her very much. I strongly desire to be more like her because she is like Christ in many ways. I wish I lived near her so I cold imitate her as she imitates Christ.


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